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    Free Burma - Due to a military government of isolationist economic mismanagement, the 45 million people of Burma have lived without basic human rights and in extreme poverty since 1962. This site is dedicated to the Free Burma movement.

    Free Burma Coalition [US] - An umbrella group of organizations around the world working for freedom and democracy in Burma.The mission is to build a grassroots movement inspired by and modeled after the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.


    Universal Education/Alice Project [India] Buddhist-based school in Sarnath, India dedicated to a holistic, transpersonal approach to education for rural village children.

    Environment / ecology

    Dharma Gaia Trust -The mission is to nurture awareness of the complementarity of Buddhism and ecology through generating funds for Buddhist-inspired ecological projects in Asia and the developing world.

    Earth Sangha [U.S.] - Founded in 1998 as a nonsectarian, nonprofit Buddhist environmental organization, our mission is to encourage the practice of Buddhism as an answer to the global environmental crisis, and to do practical conservation work of a kind that expresses the Buddhist ideal of compassion for all beings.

    Zen Environmental Studies Institute [U.S.] - Formed in 1992 to coordinate Zen Mountain Monastery's activities in the areas of environmental eduation, recreation, research, and protection.

    Gay & lesbian

    Gay Buddhist Fellowship [US] - supports Buddhist practice in the gay men's community, addresses the spiritual concerns of gay men, and cultivates a social environment that is exclusive and caring.

    Buddhist AIDS Project [US] - Provides free current HIV/AIDS information, with links to local, national, and international resources; Buddhist teachings, practice centers and events; Complementary Alternative Medicine services. BAP hopes to weave together communities of socially engaged Buddhists who wish to lend a hand.


    See DharmaNet's Being with Illness and Death page >>>


    Amida Trust - UK and Amida Trust - USA - a corps of people seriously interested in developing humanitarian projects based on Buddhist principles to help overcome suffering in the world.

    Buddhist Peace Fellowship [U.S.] Oldest socially engaged Buddhist nonprofit organization in the US. Networking, activism, publications, international and domestic human rights work, volunteer program, and prison advocacy and ministry.

    International Network of Engaged Buddhists [Thailand]- commitment to global community based on the universal truths of wisdom and compassion. INEB's areas of concern have centered on alternative education, non-violence, human rights, the environment, women's issues, alternative development, and the integration of spirituality and activism.

    Network of Engaged Buddhists UK - Buddhists and others in the United Kingdom engaged in peaceful social and political action to create a better society.

    Zen Peacemakers Community - an interfatith community, training and empowering peacemakers from around the world. Includes Zen Peacemaker Order, Peacemaker Institute, Peacemaker Villages and multiple resources for training.

    Prison Dharma

    Angulimala - Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy [UK] - Provides Buddhist chaplaincy within prisons as well as resources and networking.

    Buddhist Peace Fellowship Prison Project [U.S.] - committed to rehabilitation of prison industrial complex through advocacy, networking, ministry, and correspondence with people in prisons and jails.

    Engaged Zen Foundation [U.S.] - Project dedicated to teaching zen in the prison system.

    Prison Dharma Network [US]- Supports prisoners in the practice of contemplative disciplines, with emphasis on the meditation practices of the various Buddhist traditions. PDN also promotes the Buddhist path of wakefulness and non-aggression as an ideal means of self-rehabilitation and transformation.

    ZMM Prison Project [US] - Project of Zen Mountain Monastery that supports prisoners through Buddhist ministry and correspondence. Has nationwide network of volunteers.


    Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement (BASE) [U.S.] - Buddhist Peace Fellowship program which provides a structured group format for volunteers to work in social service or activism combined with Buddhist practice, training, study, and community building. 6 month programs and local groups yearly

    Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation [Taiwan] - a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the needy regardless of their age, sex, race, and religion. The missions of the Tzu-Chi Foundation are: Charity, Medical Care, Education, Culture, International Relief, Bone Marrow Donation, Environmental Conservation, Community Volunteer.

    Cultural Restoration Tourism Project (CRTP)  [U.S.] -CRTP was established to restore temples and other cultural artifacts to preserve the dharma in the East. Our current project is the restoration of a temple in Eastern Mongolia. CRTP uses volunteer-tourism to fund the project.

    Karuna Trust [India] - Multiple projects including education, health, literacy, housing for converted--now Buddhist-- former untouchables in India.

    MettaDana Project [US] - Addressing the poverty of the Sagaing Hills area of Burma, MettaDana focuses on four areas: public health, education especially primary school, infrastructure such as water supply,and preservation of architectural symbols of the sacred.

    Sarvodaya [Sri Lanka] -  A people's development movement founded in 1958 in Sri Lanka.Sarvodaya has brought about grass-roots initiative involvement and development of mind among thousands of village people in Sri Lanka.

    Sarvodaya USA - founded in the US on the principles of the Sarvodaya movement in Sri Lanka.


    Arizona Friends of Tibet  [U.S.] - works to alleviate the suffering of Tibetan refugees throughout the world by promoting cultural and educational activities that preserve the heritage of Tibet, and by actively advocating self-determination for the Tibetan people in their homeland.

    Association for International Solidarity in Asia [Italy] - A.S.I.A. aims to develop the inherent capacities and experiences within the Tibetan communities themselves to foster the survival of their culture. ASIA promotes the training of Tibetan youths in order to employ them in development projects.

    Free Tibet - [India] Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy Ever since the unprovoked invasion of Tibet by the People's Republic of China in 1949, the fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people have been intentionally and consistently violated. This site is dedicated to the increasingly popular Free Tibet movement.

    International Campaign for Tibet.[US]- International advocacy organization dedicated to Tibetan autonomy.

    International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet [US]. Advocates for self-determination in Tibet. Through legal action and education, promotes human rights, environmental protection, and peaceful resolution of the situation in Tibet.

    Milarepa Fund [US] - non-profit organization started by the Beastie Boys in 1994 to raise funds to help the Tibetan people.

    Tibetan Association of Connecticut [US] - Working to preserve the culture of the Tibetan people, to support the Tibetan government-in-exile, to assist Tibetans relocating to Connecticut, USA, and to establish contact with other Tibetan communities and supporters of Tibet.

    Tibetan Government-in-Exile Official Web Site[India] - News, Tibet status, government update, and cultural information.

    Voice of Tibet Online - providing unbiased news and information to Tibet through daily shortwave radio broadcasts.

    World Artists for Tibet - raising awareness of human rights abuse of the Tibetan people through all forms of art.


    Sakyadhita: International Association of Buddhist Women [US] - Support organization for Buddhist women worldwide, dedicated to empowering, educating Buddhist women, and the development of the Bhikkhuni sangha. Resources for women.

    Women Active in Buddhism [US] - comprehensive collection of links and resources on contemporary Buddhist women.

    Tibetan Women Refugees. Film documentary to educate about Tibetan women refugees and their role in the preservation of Tibetan culture.

    Journals/publications/Web resources

    Buddhism and Global Nonviolent Problem Solving, edited by Glenn D. Paige and Sarah Gilliatt.

    Engaged Buddhist Dharma Page. - site dedicated to human rights and activist news with specific focus on Tibet.

    Journal of Buddhist Ethics - Resource for Buddhist studies with online conferences on issues relevant to socially engaged Buddhism.

    Think Sangha Journal  - An occasional journal of the Think Sangha, a think tank dedicated to social analysis. Recent issues include "The Religion of the Market" and "The Lack of Progress: Buddhist Perspectives on Modernity."

    Non-Buddhist resources

    Conscious Dying. The Goals of the Institute are to provide the "mindfuel" and the emotional support to "process" the normal human reactions we have when exposed to critical events. Grief support and training.

    Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) - the largest, oldest interfaith peace and justice organization in the United States. Since 1915, FOR has carried on programs and educational projects concerned with domestic and international peace and justice, nonviolent alternatives to conflict, and the rights of conscience.

    Movement for Beloved Community - (based on the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement).

    SEVA Foundation [US] - Compassion in Action.

    Other peace and human rights resources

    Action Without Borders - a global coalition of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives

    Amnesty International.

    Co-Creating A Better World.

    Community Peacemakers [Oakland CA] - support a vast network of Bay Area (CA) educational and spiritual centers and community and non-profit groups.

    Community Trust Institute [Glenwood Springs CO].

    The Conscious Consumer - links socially responsible consumers with their corporate counterparts.

    Findhorn Foundation.

    Gandhi Today.

    Human Rights Watch - dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.

    The Hunger Project - simply visiting this website helps feed hungry people around the world.

    Institute for Global Communication (IGC) - The Mission of IGC is to advance the work of progressive organizations and individuals for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy & environmental sustainability through strategic use of online technologies.

    International Bill of Human Rights & Responsibilities.

    Nonviolence Web -

    PeaceNet - founded to bring Internet tools and online services to organizations and activists working on peace, economic & social justice, human rights, environmental protection, labor issues & conflict resolution.

    PeaceZine - online peace magazine dedicated to promotion, education, and information of World Peace.

    ProtestNet - a community of activists who are working together to create our own media.

    Random Acts of Kindness Foundation - provides inspiration, leadership, practical materials & programmatic support to the rapidly growing Kindness Movement around the World. Our goal is to promote and publicize in any way possible, the extraordinary power and importance of simple human kindness.

    United Nations Demining Project - working to abolish landmines.

    Vallecitos Mountain Refuge for Environmental & Social Activists.

    Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.