About DharmaNet

DharmaNet International's Internet clearinghouse for Buddhist study and practice resources has been online since 1991. Dharmanet hosts its own in-house databases and collections, as well as providing links to worldwide online Buddhist resources, large and small.

DharmaNet has been the labor of love of Kondanna, Barry Kapke, who was unable to continue DharmaNet due to illness. We salute Kondanna's efforts and are honored to shepherd DharmaNet forward.

DharmaNet is an initiative of Ashoka. Ashoka offers online courses for beginners and experienced practitioners in all aspects of dharma, with emphasis on the application of wisdom and compassion in our lives and in the world.

The new DharmaNet is providing an independent, non-sectarian informational and educational resource on Buddhism to the ever-widening world-wide audience of people impacted by Buddhism.  While there are hundreds of Buddhist web sites, there is still no seminal, non-sectarian informational and educational web site that presents the full range of the Dharma to those seeking to engage the teachings.

  • DharmaNet’s Learning Center provides a broad and deep selection of  information and teachings on Buddhism. Here you can learn about Buddhism – what it is, how it is practiced. The Learning Center introduces you to all the important aspects of Buddhism along with links to the best materials on the Web.
  • In order to facilitate communication and cooperation among worldwide Buddhist communities, organizations, and initiatives, DharmaNet will be providing a comprehensive learning center, searchable directory of international organizations, resources, and teachers, and mechanisms for networking among students, teachers, and like-minded people.
  • DharmaNet's Media Center will offer documentary and teaching videos, photo essays, Dharma TV, and news, as well as connections to publishers, bookstores, and services. 

Please check back regularly, as we are now actively developing DharmaNet.