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English Translations of Jodo Shinshu Texts

Amida Net
Comprehensive resources on Pure Land Buddhism, including translations
of primary sources and Pure Land Masters.

The Collected Works of Shinran
The official Hongwanji translation of the writings of Shinran Shonin.

Jodo-Shinshu related websites

Shin Dharma Net.
Dr. Alfred Bloom's Shin Buddhist teachings and resources website Journal of Shin Buddhism
An on-line journal of Shin Buddhism seeking to convey the great breadth and depth, which the Pure Land teaching offers to those who are looking for an accessible spiritual path in the modern world.

Shin Buddhism Network
Sharing information concerning Shin Buddhist Tradition and Pure Land Buddhism as it is presently practiced and interpreted by Shin communities in the West and Japan.

The Living Dharma
West Covina Buddhist Temple

Jodo Shu -- Japan
The main website for the Jodo Shu school. Includes a "Virtual Temple," Honen's teachings, description of major annual ceremonies, etc.

Amida Net
Articles and essays; Mahayana scriptures, hymns and writings; illustrated Pure Land scriptures; mandalas of the Three Pure Land Sutras, and more.

Center for Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies

Numata Center

American Buddhist Study Center

Institute of Buddhist Studies

Shin Buddhism Study Center

Independent Shin Buddhist

Jodo Shinshu Links Pitaka
Index of Shin Buddhist resources and Web sites

The Living Dharma

Shin Buddhism
A portal to many scriptures and documents

Notes on the Nembutsu

Introduction: Pure Land Buddhism
J.C. Cleary



Pacific World
Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies

Muryoko – 'Infinite Light'
Journal of Shin Buddhism