Zen Art

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Zen art has this characteristic quality, that it can fuse delight in a work of visual art, knowledge of life, and personal experiences and intuitions into one creative event.

Basho offers us a synesthetic stimulus at once strong and delicate:

As bell tones fade,
Blossom scents take up the ringing:
Evening shade!

Delicate and soft is Kikaku's picture

A full moon:
On the tatami
Falls the shadow of pines.

Some unknown haiku writer gives us an unforgettable vignette of patient womanhood, a quick glimpse that can go on and on reverberating for a long time:

As she washes rice
Her smiling face is briefly
Lit by a firefly.
                                            — Anonymous

The sweet young woman, the noble poet, the pine-tree calligraphies, the resonant, fragrant air--all transformed by art and by our imaginations into spiritually significant events.