Words and Theories

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Living process and words about it are not the same and should not be treated as equal in worth. When we perceive the incongruity between theories about life and what we feel intuitively to be true on the nonverbal, nonjudging plane, there is nothing to do but laugh.

Basho, finding his larder empty as an unexpected visitor drops in, reacts with a laugh:

The small size of
The mosquitoes:
My best hospitality.

Issa is equally philosophical:

If the times were good:
"One more of you sit down,
Flies around my food."

Kyorai submitted with grace to the natural law governing the movements of his head in the bitter cold:

The cold!
I just can't look up
At the crescent moon.

One cannot always enjoy what one plans to enjoy. So? . . . Laugh. Swear. Write a haiku. And walk on.