Everyday Things

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The realities of life are most truly seen in everyday things and actions.

Even the general
Took off his armor to gaze
At our peonies.
                                         — Kikaku

Of course, Kikaku's peonies may not have been everyday peonies.

Well, the fall typhoon
Has taken its first victim.
The local scarecrow.


The fall of Kyoroku's humble scarecrow gives significance to an event of planetary scope—the typhoon.

If I could bundle
Fuji's breezes back to town.
What a souvenir!

                                               — Basho

Basho makes fun of one of man's most fundamental and enduring instincts--collecting. And, while collecting souvenirs may be commonplace, what more powerful device can we muster against that devastating reality, all-devouring time?