Insightful patience

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Preventing anger's causes

If it is natural for the foolish
To cause harm to others,
It is wrong to get angry with them,
Like resenting fire for burning.


Do you believe that harming others is an inalienable part of human  nature? If so, it makes no more sense to be angry with someone for their hurtful actions than being angry at fire for its burning. If harming others is an essential part of being human, as heat is an essential aspect of fire, why not just accept it?  .

Even if beings are gentle-natured
And the evil of harm is occasional,
It is still wrong to be angry;
Like resenting space for filling with smoke.

If, on the other hand, you do not think humans are essentially harmful by nature, then when someone is acting angrily they are reacting to some circumstantial
condition. Why be angry at their temporary lapse?