Insightful patience

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Not such a big deal

If it was voluntarily happening,
Since no one wants to suffer,
No embodied being whatsoever
Would ever experience suffering.

Through carelessness,
People hurt themselves with thorns and so on,
And to win a mate and so on,
They become obsessed and wasted

Another way to deal with harm or injury is to develop a sense of indifference toward the person whose actions are harming you.


Think of a recent situation in which you got angry at someone. Carefully examine the situation. Although it is not always the case, you may find that what angered you  was done out of carelessness or ignorance. Or perhaps the other person did not have much choice.

If you are able to look at how your negative emotions harm you, can you ask why this other person would act in ways that injure or hurt them as well?

So if we examine situations carefully, we may find that many harmful acts are caused not out of malicious intention but out of carelessness or a lack of sensitivity.