Cultivating Patience

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In this second module you will explore a powerful training aimed at helping you deal with the emotions of anger.

Angry at anger

Anger is perhaps the most troublesome of emotions because it is the emotion which most often results in hurting others.


Can you identify the kinds of things that most commonly cause you to become angry? Which things have the most powerful angry response? Can you identify a common theme in the triggers of your anger?

Anger most often comes from feeling thwarted or threatened. We see or imagine an obstacle or interference that is thwarting us and we need to remove. We think we feel that we need to.

So anger is often preceded physical interference, frustration, someone trying to hurt us, or another person's anger.


Is it true for you that anger calls forth anger? Do you find it difficult to not respond to someone else's anger with anger?"


"Anger" actually encompasses many different feelings. What are some of the feelings and emotional experiences that you would place under the umbrella of "my anger?"

Do you experience anger as indignation, self-righteous anger, sulking, passive anger, or revenge?

Does the strength of your "anger" vary? Does anger manifest as annoyance? As fury or wrath?