Destructive Emotions —
a Buddhist Perspective

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Destructive emotions

From the Buddhist perspective afflictive emotions are afflictive states of mind that obstruct clarity and emotional equilibrium.  The six main mental afflictions are:

Attachment or craving
    Anger (which includes hostility and hatred)
          Ignorance and delusion                        
             Afflictive doubt
                Afflictive views

Let's examine some of these emotions a bit.

Attachment or craving


Does anger or hatred seem obviously a destructive emotion compared with attachment or craving? The latter is not even considered an emotion in Western psychology or philosophy.

As the  Dalai Lama points out, "Both are fixated upon something. One is grasping with attachment, going toward the object, and the other is grasping with repulsion, removing oneself from the object—a sense of impatience."


Think of ways that going toward an object – grasping or attachment — can be as destructive as anger or hatred.
Are attachment and hatred related? How often does anger come from someone else getting what you think you want or deserve? How often are crimes the result of craving something?