Exploring Emotions

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Moods can be harder to identify their trigger. Usually when we have an emotion we can say what produced it. We can specify the event that triggered it, that brought our emotion forth. Often with a mood we can't. We wake up in an irritable mood or in a very positive mood; we wake up very apprehensive or sad, for no reason that we know.


Can a mood evolve out of an emotional occurrence? Do you think your moods might be produced by internal changes that do not relate to what is happening to us on the outside?

Have you ever been in a bad mood and then something happens — a friend calls or you look up and see the sun setting — and suddenly that mood, which seemed so solid and entrenched, is gone!

Moods can evolve from a series of emotions or from a a
 very dense emotional experience. If we experience amusement again and
 again in a short period of time, the consequence will be a very euphoric
 mood. If we are furious again and again, we will then have a long period in
 which we are irritable.