Deep Ecology: Practicing with the Natural World

In the first two modules you explored Buddhist views of nature and learned about some of the ways Buddhist thought and practice are being applied to environmental action in today's world. In this module you will learn about deep ecology and work with exercises and practices that will assist you in connecting in meaningful ways to the natural world and engaging in the work that can protect and save our environment.

Deep Ecology, when it appeared in my life, made immediate sense. To me it is more than a label, it's the way our world is structured. I take it as a secular equivalent to the Buddha's teaching of dependent co-arising--and use it that way in my work.

In this module you have an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and work with experiential practices that can decondition one from culturally induced anthropocentrism and heal one's broken relationship with the natural world.

These exercises were originally published in A Manual for Buddhism and Deep Ecology, written by Dr. Daniel Henning, published by The World Buddhist University.