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guided meditation: breathing

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight but relaxed.

  • Take a few deep breaths, then let the breath flow out naturally. ,

  • Rest your attention on the rhythm of your breathing and on the air you breathe.

  • Do not imagine your breathing, do not visualize it. Just experience it.

  • Do not control your breathing, making it more deep or shallow. Just be aware of your breathing as it is, from moment to moment.

  • If you become distracted, remember your intention to be aware, to rest in the present. Come back to your breathing gently and firmly again and again.

  • Do not be annoyed by your distracted thoughts. Just notice them and return to concentrating on your breathing as soon as you can.

  • Focus on your breathing but maintain an open awareness. You may hear sounds, feel sensations, think thoughts. Do not grasp at them, make stories out of them or reject them. Just let them come and go lightly.

  • As your mind becomes quiet and still, look more deeply into your breathing and the air that you breathe through your nostrils and all the pores of your body.

  • sit

    Consider that every human being is breathing the same air. It goes into other people’s lungs and comes out again, then goes into your lungs and out again, and so the process continues. Experience that connection.

  • Trees and plants are involved in creating the air you breathe. Animals are breathing the same air. Focus on your breathing and look deeply into it; experience that connection fully.

  • Come back to your breathing, come back to the world.

  • Be one with your breathing, be one with the world.

  • Rest in awareness, be intimately connected to the whole world.

  • Open your eyes, relax your back and your legs, and stand up gently.