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guided meditation: sounds

  • Find a comfortable posture, lying on a bed. Keep your eyes half—open but not fixed on anything.

  • Be aware of your body lying there. Just feel it as it is and let it relax.

  • Now pay attention to sounds in your body. Maybe you hear a gurgle, or a faint sigh.

  • Do not create or imagine any sounds, just listen to the silence if you cannot hear anything.

  • Now expand your awareness to sounds around you, inside the room.

  • Do not grasp or reject any sounds. Just listen.

  • Now expand your awareness to include all sounds: the birds, the wind, the traffic, a dog barking.

  • Do not name the sounds, do not make up a story around the sounds. Just open your ears to the sounds of the world.

  • If you become distracted, remember your intention to be present, to be aware, to meditate. Come back again and again to listening.

  • Now look deeply into listening: where does sound stop and hearing start?

  • Experience this seamless experience.

  • Notice how ephemeral sounds are: they come and go, they do not remain exactly the same for very long.

  • Open yourself to the music of the world without grasping anywhere.

  • Rest in the quietness and clarity of this experience.

  • Now stretch your body, move your limbs and gently get up, trying to maintain this quality of attention and non-grasping throughout the day.