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trust your experience 

reflectCan you measure what you hear or read against the experience of your own life? Are you able to look clearly at how your meditation is affecting you and your life?

The Buddha put great emphasis on enquiry, on looking deeply into one’s own experience.

He was once asked by some villagers about the teachers who regularly passed through their village, advising them to follow this practice and that
teaching. The Buddha told them to listen carefully and consider the meaning of what they heard. Did the teachings make sense? Could the villagers apply them? Would the practices help them? If applying a certain method made the villagers more skilful and wise, they should continue to practice it. If the results of a method were negative, they should discontinue it. The most important thing was to measure any teaching against the experience of their own lives. And this is what enquiry is about: considering one’s own experience.

reflectIs meditation helping you to become quieter and clearer? Is it helping you to be wiser and more compassionate?