creative awareness

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One of our greatest gifts is awareness yet we often live as if we were half-asleep. Creative awareness is about waking up to your life to all its choices and possibilities for change. The root of creative awareness is acceptance.

Stephen Batchelor

wake up to life!

reflectWhy do you meditate? Or why are you thinking of beginning to meditate? Are you trying to achieve something? Are you trying to affect your life in some way? If so, how?

Meditation is not an end in itself. Meditation is a tool, a method to help you achieve an end. You are neither trying to reach a rarefied meditative state nor speculating intellectually on the nature of existence.

One of your greatest gifts as a human being is to be aware — to perceive, recognize and respond to your environment. But it seems that most of the time we prefer to function on automatic pilot, living our lives half-aware, even half-asleep. Meditation is about waking up to every moment.

As you meditate, try to cultivate concentration and inquiry. These two qualities will help you to develop quietness and clarity, which in turn will enable you to become more creatively aware.