Meditations for Coming Back to Life

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Overcoming obstacles

I would not like to have the bodhisattva think this kind of work
hard to achieve. If he did, there are beings beyond calculation,
and he will not be able to benefit them.
Let him, on the contrary, consider the work easy and pleasant,
thinking they were all his mother and father and children,
for this is the way to benefit all beings
whose number is beyond calculation.

The Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines

We do not need to withdraw from the world or spend long hours in solitary prayer or meditation to begin to wake up to the spiritual powers within us. The activities and encounters of our daily lives can serve as the occasion for that kind of discovery. Here are seven practices as Joanna Macy has offered them in workshops. Because they are useful in our ongoing lives as well, we present them here in this concluding chapter.

Some of these meditationson death, loving kindness, compassion,
mutual power, and mutual recognitiohappen to be adapted from the Buddhist tradition. As part of our planetary heritage, they belong to us all. They are to be read slowly with a quiet mind.

these would need to be audio to be effective here. Do any of these exist in audio?