Seeing Evanescent Beings

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We have often heard that all things are impermanent, but it often takes a whole lifetime to realize it.

Have older people said to you, "You will be old, too"? And did you think, "Maybe in another twenty years or so"? Do you take false pride in youth, thinking it will last longer than it does?

How do your respond when someone says: "I myself was young and it seems only a few days ago. Now look at me"?

Their point is that there is no gulf between youth and age; you are youthful, and then you turn around and ten years have gone. You are solidifying the future, thinking, "I am going to do this; I am going to do that," but the future is not solid.

Are you surprised when someone dies? Why?

We know that everyone has to die. We know that we are to die. Still, there is surprise. Our amazement at the rapid passage of time indicates that there is something wrong with the way we see things. There has to be exaggeration in our perception; otherwise, why are we so astonished when things change?