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Steps in cultivating compassion

Before you begin learning the techniques for generating deep and continuous compassion, it is helpful to have an overview of the steps involved. This big view itself exerts an influence on the mind, drawing it toward the ultimate state being sought.

This is the process you will learn in this course, along with several booster meditations:

1 Establishing Equanimity

Realizing that everyone wants happiness and does not want suffering. Cultivation of equanimity is bolstered by eight meditations.

Empowering practice by adjusting your motivation beforehand and by dedicating its value afterward.

Awareness of Death
Becoming more realistic

  1. by meditating on the nearness of death
  2. by developing a strong intention to use the precious opportunity of this life;
  3. by lessening the force of previous negative actions though a four-step technique: disclosure of ill-deeds, contrition, intending to restrain from them in the future, and virtuous activity.

Facing Horror

  1. Removing barriers to equanimity and compassion through a three-step technique: imagining hell-like situations, relieving those beings of pain, and reflecting on the similarity of aspiration between yourself and others.
  2. Transforming reactions by remembering conflict situations earlier in your life and imagining a change of attitude.
  3. Overcoming fright by imagining monsters and contemplating that the monster, like you, wants to be rid of suffering and gain happiness.

Lifetimes: Cultivating equanimity by imagining specific relationships in past lifetimes.

2 Recognizing friends

Making Progress
Proceeding effectively and removing obstacles

Valuing Others
Separating from selfishness by choosing who should be helped, radiating beneficence, and enjoying their success.

3 Reflecting on others' kindness

Considering the kindness of individuals, intended and unintended

4 Returning Kindness

Developing an intention to reciprocate kindness

5 Cultivating love

Meditating on three levels of love

6 Cultivating compassion

Cultivating Compassion Seeing Suffering Beings through contemplating a bucket battered in a well

Cultivating Compassion Seeing Evanescent Beings through contemplating the reflection of the moon rippling in a breezy lake

Cultivating Compassion Seeing Empty Beings through contemplating the reflection of the moon in a calm lake

Compassion and wisdom combined