Working with Others

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Bodhisattvas aspire to work for all beings. The spirit of service is therefore a fitting expression of bodhisattva mind on this path, not only in working with others, but also in regard to the deepest meaning of work.

Our work is ultimately a kind of offering. What do we have to offer? Our energy and attentiveness, our integrity and compassion. Zen teacher Norman Fischer reflects:

We work hard because there is someone who requires it. Who is that someone? We can say all beings, we can say reality itself, we can say Buddha, but none of these is quite accurate. Someone requires it, and maybe it is best to say we don't know who that someone is. Why doesn't this person do it herself? Because we are her tools. Our body, our mind, and our whole life are her tools. So we throw ourselves into our work with a lot of verve and joy.

What is right livelihood in today’s world?