Working with Others

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We continue to explore fields in our world in which we can engage mindfully, moving from the family to the world of work. In the modern world, the place of work can be as significant as the home in terms of essential relationships and self-fulfillment. Work is also one of the most important points of intersection with social systems and the environment. Robert Aitken asks:

How does my livelihood teach the Buddha's experience?

In this lesson we explore striving to integrate practice and work.

Do you consider your work a path of practice or an obstacle to your practice? Do you struggle with the questions we'll explore in this lesson:

  • How do I earn a living honorably in a materialistic, acquisitive society?
  • What does it mean to practice at work?
  • How can I be kinder and more skillful in dealing with others?

We look at vocation, what we do and how what we do relates to power and wealth, as well how we work, whether we act virtuously and mindfully. The image for this path in the Wheel portrays two people shaking hands.

Note: Even if your principal work is solitary or inside the home, you will find much of the substance of this path still applies.