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Samantabhadra and the paramitas

Samantabhadra embodies the paramitas of vow, knowledge and powers.

Samantabhadra emphasizes the transcendent practice of vow, or commitment. Each of his ten vows is a tool we can use to strengthen our personal vows and intentions. Samantabhadra's vows keep him active in the world, carrying out programs to transform society and its conditions in behalf of the awakening of beings.

Samantabhadra also embodies the perfection of knowledge. He has a fully developed awareness of the multiplicity of manifestations of the universal in diverse realms, so he can engage in many roles and situations.

As we practice vow and knowledge, we develop capacities and skills for becoming more effective and more aware of wholeness.

Samantabhadra's practice of the perfection of meditation fosters the perfection of knowledge. If you have done intensive meditation practice, you know that it is a forge that purifies, tests, and exposes you to yourself. This samadhi is fiery and not to be taken lightly. Samantabhadra's visualizations are not realized casually. Being willing to remain upright and still in the middle of the searing flames of life and of our messy conditioning, we can begin to settle into our deeper awareness. This awareness then reveals the weave of our interconnections with all buddhas and sentient beings.

Another perfection embodied by Samantabhadra is the paramita of powers. Informed by his practice of the perfection of knowledge, as well as his skill in means, Samantabhadra can effect changes in the world and in the hearts and minds of beings. In the following accounts of examples of Samantabhadra in our world, we explore the variety of his powers and good works.