The Benefits of Generosity

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Generosity has the power to change us. The Buddha in his teaching illuminated different reasons why people might want to be generous.

Before you read this section, reflect on how generosity affects you.

Was your first thought of generosity one of others giving to you? If so, reflect on how others being generous with you feels to you. Contemplate on specific acts of kindness or generosity.

Recall situations in which you acted generously. How did such actions affect you? Is there one particular experience of your generosity that has stayed with you for a long time? If so, reflect on what it is about that experience that resonated with you.

The highest reason the Buddha gave for generosity was to "adorn the mind."

The function of generosity is to clarify the heart and mind so that the clouds start to fall away. 

Reflect on this in relation to generosity. How might a calm, concentrated, stable, and insightful mind support generosity? How does an agitated, worried, angry or fearful mind keep you from generosity of spirit and action?

Let's explore some of the benefits of generosity.