Suffering can be totally overcome! This is the Buddha's great affirmation.

The cessation of dukkha is arrived at simply by following to its conclusion the logic of causality underlying the second noble truth. If craving is origin of dukkha, then the key to putting an end to dukkha lies in eliminating craving. So the cessation of dukkha is the complete cessation and elimination of craving.

The cessation of Dukkha which comes with the end of craving can be understood at two levels:

Psychological level
At the psychological level, when craving is cut off, all mental unhappiness comes to an end. The mind is inwardly released from sorrow, worry, fear, grief and distress. But this is not a mere negative state

With the end of Dukkha comes a great peace, supreme happiness, complete joy.




The Four Noble Truths
The Third Noble Truth — the cessation of dukkha

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