Sympathetic Joy [mudita]

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Before reading this section, contemplate:

When others succeed, do you feel envy?

Think of a situation in which you felt envious of someone's success.
If you have difficulty experiencing envy, try some of these experiments: 

If you have difficulty experiencing envy, try some of these experiments:  

How does envy for someone's accomplishments or good fortune affect your capacity to appreciate the success of others?

All of us surely have experienced the inability to endure the success, prosperity, or happiness of others.

But do we recognize and experience the ways that envy creates more and more dissatisfaction with our own condition and makes us miserable?

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.


Envy is destructive to ourselves. In English, we use the phrase "eaten up by envy." Envy devours us! Instead of being centered within our own lives, we remain out of balance as we lean into the lives of others, regretting their happiness, real or imagined.

And envy can be destructive to others. If our envy grows too strong, we find ourselves hurting those we feel envious of.

An experience of envy

Envy is often based on illusions.