The Practice of Peaceful Abiding

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Walking Meditation

It’s hard to sit long periods without moving. So you can alternate sitting meditation with perods of walking meditation.

This is not just practical — getting the blood moving — but it also acts as a transition between the stillness of sitting and the motion of everyday life.

The idea is to walk normally but slowly. Clasp your hands at navel level.  With the left hand in a fist with thumb inside, the right hand covers the left hand. You're making a place for your hands and arms so they’re not flopping and to help you balance.

The object of mindfulness is now the movement of your feet — your feet are on the ground, whether you’re aware of it or not – so feel the foot land. When the back foot lifts and swings forward andtouches the ground, the other foot lifts and swings and touches the ground.

The object of mindfulness is to be totally aware of that sensation — feel that sensation…
Feel the sensation — the actual physical sensation. Feel each step.

Don't exaggerate the slowness of your walking. This is not tai chi chuan. You're not trying to look like a stork.