Wrapping Up: On the Path

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The dharma is like a huge mountain that we climb very slowly, taking little steps. But each step is profound; each step is amazing.

Obviously, meditation can sometimes be difficult. We may want to run away from practice, run from the cushion, even run from the word "meditation."

We can run as far as we like, but what we'll discover is that there is no better environment than meditation in which to build the stability, clarity, and strength of our mind. At the same time, the difficulty of making it to the cushion, the difficulty of staying with the technique, the difficulty of abandoning discursiveness, isn't going to disappear. In procrastinating, we're avoiding the one thing that really is going to make a difference in our lives.

Meditation stabilizes us in our inherent power as humans.

Meditation introduces the possibility of living our lives in a continually conscious, confident, and balanced state of mind.

Gentle application of mindfulness, gentle persistent application of discipline over times yields real and lasting results.

What motivates us is that painful contrast we feel between the times our mind is comparatively unencumbered, fresh and present and the times we're lost in the miasma, the mud...


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Here are a few of the resources you can pursue to further your study of meditation with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche:

Turning the Mind Into an Ally - the source for much of this course

Turning the Mind Into an Ally - DVD - A Sakyong Mipham public talk on meditation, including a guided meditation

From the DVD:


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