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Q One of the antidotes is effort and this course has encouraged effort and determination. Sometimes I feel I am being lazy. But other times — maybe as my own antdote to my laziness — I feel I'm trying too hard.
A When we begin meditation practice, you may experience the obstacle of trying too hard.
We think meditation practice is something special or different, that we’ve got to twist or shape force ourself into something we’re not. The entire point of meditation is to tune ourselves in to the innate wakefulness that’s already there.

Because that’s the point of meditation practice, because it’s that’s direction we’re going in, one of the most important instructions is to relax. Relax. This is not an invitation to flop.

In conventional life there’s often a dichotomy between work and play, between exertion and relaxation. And often exertion has a of connotation of pain or obligation, and rest a connotation of floping and relief and we go back and forth between the two

Buddhism is known as the middle way between extremes, and sitting meditation practice exemplifies this. There’s a sense of relaxation but it’s relaxation with a sense of precision, presence, developing a gentle affection and interest in our experience moment to moment.