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Introduction to the book

Some readings from the Dhamappada

The Life of the Buddha

The Last Teaching of the Buddha

Buddha's Compassion and Vows

The Fourfold Noble Truth


Dependent Origination

Impermanence and Egolessness

The Theory of Mind-Only

The Real State of Things

The Middle Way

The Middle Way (continued)

The Mind of Purity

Buddha Nature


Human Defilements

Man's Nature

Human Life

Reality of Human Life

Amida Buddha's Vows

Amida Buddha's Land of Purity

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The Teaching of Buddha is produced by
The Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai)

The Teaching of Buddha is a collection of writings on the essence of Buddhism, selected and edited from the vast Buddhist canon, presented in a concise, easy-to-read, and nonsectarian format. It also includes a brief history of Buddhism, a listing of the source texts, a glossary of Sanskrit terms, and an index.

The Teaching of Buddha was first published in 1925. Originally edited by Japanese scholars of Buddhism before WWII and distributed widely throughout Japan, the first English edition was published in 1934. The Reverend Dr. Yehan Numata brought out another English edition in 1962, and in 1966, after the establishment of the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK) (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism), Dr. Numata assembled a committee of Buddhist scholars to substantially revise and edit a new English-Japanese edition. The Teaching of Buddha has undergone minor revisions and numerous reprintings since. It is now available in fourty-one languages and over 7 million copies have been distributed.

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