DharmaNet and BDK present  

A 51-program series on the life of the Buddha and the core teachings of Buddhism. Taught by Kenneth Tanaka and guests.

The Life of the Buddha

Buddha's birth, renunciation and ascetic practice

Guest: Rev. Jiho Sargent

The Life of the Buddha

Buddha's awakening, teaching and passing On

Guest: Rev. Jiho Sargent

In the coming months:

Images of the Buddha

Four Noble Truths: Suffering is Optional

Four Noble Truths: 12 Links of Dependent Arising

First Mark of Existence: the nature of suffering

First Mark of Existence: turning suffering into resource for living

Second Mark of Existence: The Universe and I

Second Mark of Existence: The Sacred SelfI

Third Mark of Existence: Living in the Present


and many more...


Mutually Sustaining LIfe is produced by The Society
for the Promotion of Buddhism (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai)