DharmaNet's World Guide to
Theravadin Dhamma Centers

Obviously, it's impossible to put together a directory of all the Dhamma centers in the world, as there are just so many of them. Still, this compilation can be a useful starting point for people (English-speaking westerners, mainly) looking to find places to practice meditation and study Theravada Buddhism.

This resource was first created, and diligently maintained, by John Bullitt at Access to Insight. In February 1998, DharmaNet International agreed to take over the maintenance of these directories. Our gratitude extends to John for his excellent work in making Dhamma readily available over the Internet.

What is a "Dhamma Center"? For the purposes of this list, it's an institution of some sort established primarily to offer instruction in Theravada Buddhist meditation practice. For example, a Thai or Sri Lankan forest monastery, an urban lay vipassana meditation center, or a retreat center with an express commitment to the Theravada teachings would be counted here as "Dhamma Centers". Not counted are such things as: meditation centers, retreat centers, or monasteries whose primary teachings come from other Buddhist traditions (e.g., Zen, Ch'an, Tibetan, Son, Nichiren, etc.); an adult-ed school that offers occasional classes in yoga and vipassana; a study group that hosts scholarly lectures on Buddhism; a gathering place (church, temple, ashram, etc.) that offers primarily non-Theravada Buddhist forms of meditation; and so on.

We draw the line in this way not to exclude anyone, but simply to keep this resource clearly focused to best serve those seriously interested in pursuing Theravada forms of meditation practice.

To submit updates or corrections to this list, you may either use this handy form, or you may simply drop me a note If at all possible, please include a reference to the page/document you want me to update; this helps me tremendously.

Note: DharmaNet also maintains Directories of World Dharma Centers and USA Dharma Centers, that are inclusive of all Buddhist traditions. If your interest is not primarily Theravadin, please look there. Also, see DharmaNet's Buddhist InfoWeb for quick links to online resources.


By including a Dhamma center or group in these listings DharmaNet International is in no way endorsing their teachers, teachings, policies, politics, or activities. They are included here simply as useful starting points in your quest for good teachings from the Theravada traditions. The final judgment is yours alone.

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