Dependent Arising

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The Wheel of Cyclic Existence

The twelve links of dependent-arising are symbolized by the twelve pictures around the outside of the painting of the The Wheel of Cyclic Existence.

The history of the painting of the Wheel of Existence

And the Buddha had the following stanzas put with it:

Undertaking this and leaving that,
Enter into the teaching of the Buddha.
Like an elephant in a thatch house,
Destroy the forces of the Lord of Death.
Those who with thorough conscientiousness
Practice this disciplinary doctrine
Will forsake the wheel of birth,
Bringing suffering to an end.

Buddha told him to send this to the king, who, it is said, attained realization upon receiving and studying the picture.

Before we look at the twelve links of dependent arising illustrated on the outside, we first explore the other aspects of the painting.