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Vipassana / Insight Meditation

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The Experience of Insight
Joseph Goldstein

A modern classic. Cear, practical instruction for the practice of Buddhist meditation: sitting and walking meditation, how one relates with the breath, feelings, thought, sense perceptions, consciousness, and everyday activities. Basic Buddhist topics such as the nature of karma, the Four Noble Truths, the factors of enlightenment, dependent origination, and devotion are discussed. From instructions and discourses given during a 30 day Vipassana meditation retreat.

A Heart Full of Peace
Joseph Goldstein

Joseph distills the teachings into breezy, entertaining lessons on peacefulness and positivity that all readers can learn from and enjoy. Like the songlines that bring sacred aboriginal paths to life, Goldstein’s evocative words bring the concept of metta, or loving kindness, to life for Western readers. Grounded in the basic trainings of body, speech, and mind, this mini-retreat is illuminated by humor and personal insights.

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation
Nyanaponika Thera

In print for more than 40 years and translated into some ten languages, this classic presentation of the Theravada teachings on meditation includes a translation of the Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Combining deep personal insight with the power of clear exposition, the author guides the reader into the essential principles making up the Buddha's way of mindfulness. Besides offering a lucid account of the basic practices of insight meditation, the book offers a complete translation of the Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness, the Buddha's own instructions on the practice.

In This Very Life
Sayadaw U Pandita

Burmese master Sayadaw U Pandita shows us that freedom is as immediate as breathing, as fundamental as a footstep. In this book he describes the path of the Buddha and calls all of us to that heroic journey of liberation. Enlivened by numerous stories and anecdotes, In This Very Life is a matchless guide to the inner territory of meditation as described by the Buddha.

Sharon Salzberg
An inspirational book on how to cultivate true happiness in ourselves and generate real compassion for others, Sharon draws on basic Buddhist teachings, wisdom stories from different spiritual traditions and her own personal experience from 25 years of Buddhist practice.

The Force of Kindness
Sharon Salzberg
A book and CD set with six guided meditations offering practical instructions on developing loving kindness. Through her stories, Buddhist teachings and meditations, Salzberg explores what kindness truly means and the simple steps to realize its effects immediately. She reveals that true kindness is not the sweet, naiive sentiment that many of us assume it is, but rather an immensely powerful force that can transform individual lives and ripple out, changing and improving relationships, the environment, our communities, and ultimately the world. She teaches specific techniques for cultivating forgiveness, and turning compassion into action.

Breath by Breath
Larry Rosenberg
Simple, accessible instruction on how to cultivate both tranquillity and deep insight through the full awareness of breathing, bringing this 2,500 year-old practice to life for modern readers. Based on the classes and talks which Rosenberg, one of the foremost teachers of Vipassana meditation in America, has given over the years, this book is structured around the Anapanasati Sutra.

Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

An introduction to emptiness, the essential nucleus of the Buddha`s teaching, and the doctrine of not-self.

Mindfulness in Plain English
Bhante Gunaratna

A classic. A practical, step-by-step guide to insight meditation written in simple English with a minimum of technical terms. Venerable Gunaratana's conversational style and use of everyday examples imbue the basic teachings of Vipassana meditation with unsurpassable clarity and wit. His deeply spiritual yet nondenominational approach invites readers of all backgrounds to experience the fruits of meditative awareness.

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere
Ayya Khema

"The Buddha's path is simple and meant for ordinary people, and anyone with goodwill and determination can follow its steps towards freedom of heart and mind." Buddhist nun Ayya Khema describes in practical, yet inspiring terms how harmonious relationships and joyful living can definitely be achieved through self-knowledge. This inspiring work offers clear methods for overcoming conditioned mental habits, ideas, beliefs and limited thinking patterns. Through these simple practices you will develop deeper insight, a sense of calm well-being and a greater capacity to love and feel loved on a daily basis.

Theravada / Insight Meditation
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