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Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond, A Meditators Handbook
Ajahn Brahm

Better than sex!" That's how Ajahn Brahm describes meditation, and his enthusiasm is contagious. A self-described meditation junkie, Brahm, the author of the popular Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?, shares his recipe for inconceivable bliss in his practical, energizing new book. The Meditator's Handbook is a complete, stem-to-stern guide to the subject, with precise step-by-step instructions for traversing the stages of practice and overcoming obstacles."Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond is riveting, rollicking, and uncompromisingly real. Ajahn Brahm's voice is utterly fresh and compelling, in the greatest tradition of our beloved roshis and bhikkhus." Glenn Wallis, translator of the Dhammapada.

Mindfulness in Plain English
Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

"A wonderfully clear and straightforward explanation of mindfulness meditation. Ven. Gunaratana has done a valuable service in writing this book. It will be of great help to all who read it." Joseph Goldstein.

Mindfulness With Breathing A Manual for Serious Beginners

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

"In this book, Ajahn Buddhadasa will take you by the hand and lead you, as he did me, all the way from the first attempt to observe the in-breaths and out-breaths. The beauty of this work is its seamless integration of theory and practice. You have in your hands a precious yogic manual." Larry Rosenberg.

Beginner's Guide to Buddhist Meditation Practices for Mindful Living

Christina Feldman

Includes: practical advice on getting started: how, when, and where; clear the mind and relax the body with guided meditations: breathing, body awareness, forgiveness, compassion, and loving kindness; embrace daily life as practice: walking, eating, speech, and simplicity; with 40 photographs and 40 charts designed to instruct and inspire.

Attention Revolution

B. Allan Wallace

"This book is a brilliant comprehensive analysis on the stages of the development of attentional balance and will be a classic in the field." Joan Halifax.

"Indispensible for anyone wanting to understand the mind." Paul Ekman

Heart of Buddhist Meditation: A Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha's Way of Mindfulness

Nyanaponika Thera

The classic presentation of the Theravada teachings on meditation, including a translation of the Mahasatipatthana Sutta.

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The author maps out a simple path for cultivating mindfulness in one's own life, and awakening to the unique beauty and possibilities of each present moment as it unfolds.

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Sayadaw U Silananda

The Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness, or Maha Satipatthana Sutta, is one of the key teachings of the Buddha, and the Burmese meditation teacher U Silananda provides an important and illuminating commentary.

How to Meditate; A Practical Guide

Kathleen McDonald, edited by Robina Courtin

New revised edition. A refreshingly readable, highly popular introduction to meditation, written by a Western Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition.

Silent Question Meditating in the Stillness of Not Knowing

Toni Packer

The Silent Question consists of talks, dialogues, essays, and letters in which Packer presents her unique method of meditative inquiry—a nondenominational approach to spiritual growth through direct awareness of the present moment. Packer encourages us to let go of our thoughts and to sit “in the stillness of not knowing” in order to reflect upon the essential question of who we are.

Meditation Advice to Beginners

Bokar Rinpoche

Bokar Rinpoche explores meditation, "Distracted by sense objects or by the succession of thoughts, our mind never remains stable in its own essence. Knowing how to maintain our mind in its own nature, as it is, without being distracted by either outer phenomena or inner thoughts, is precisely what we mean by meditation."