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Meditation for Life
Batchelor, Martine and Batchelor, Stephen

This book one of the most well-written, informative and comprehensive--and certainly the most beautiful--meditation book on the market.

What Is Meditation?
Buddhism for Everyone

Nairn, Rob

Nairn, a Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition trained by, among others, the Dalai Lama and the Gyalwa Karmapa, has written a very capable guide to the essentials of modern Mahayana Buddhism and its derivative meditational practices. Inevitably influenced by Western ideas, Nairn's text is nevertheless a clearly written, engaging, and respectful primer in both the religious attitudes and the spiritual practices of Buddhists in the Tibetan tradition. This should prove a helpful reminder for practitioners and a ready guide for beginners. Recommended for most collections strong in religious studies.

Path is the Goal
Chogyam Trungpa

Published now for the first time, the teachings given here on basic meditation, Shamatha and vipashyana, mindfulness and awareness, provide the foundation that every practitioner needs to awaken as the Buddha did. Chogyam Trungpa was renowned as master of meditation and for his unique gift for teaching the Dharma to Westerners.

Journey to the Center, A Meditation Workbook
Flickstein, Matthew

Using hands-on exercises, journal entries, guided meditations, and stories, Matthew Flickstein combines Eastern meditation techniques and methods of Western psychotherapy to offer this practical workbook for realizing one's greatest potential.

Still The Mind, An Introduction to Meditation
Alan Watts

During the last decade of his life, Alan Watts lectured extensively as he traveled across the country. He often accompanied his talks with guided meditation sessions and contemplative rituals designed to instruct his audiences in the art of meditation; Still the Mind is drawn from recordings of those lectures, meditations, and rituals. Watts's son Mark edited more than 800 hours of audiotapes to create this compilation of his father's teachings. The tape features Alan Watts's thoughts on the purity of everyday experience and the path of soulful contemplation. It concludes with Watts leading a variety of sitting meditations. Still the Mind gives listeners insight into the essence of meditation, which Watts defined as the art of being completely centered in the here and now.

Calm and Insight: Buddhist Manual for Meditators
Khantipalo Bhikkhu

This manual, by an experienced Buddhist, has been written so that it will be easitly accessible also to the reader who knows nothing about meditation, but also contains knowledge and experience that can be gained only through practice.

Awakening the Mind
Basic Buddhist Meditations

Geshe Namgyal Wangchen

Based on the teachings of the Tibetan saint Tsong Khapa, these techniques help replace depression, anger, and other forms of mental pain with tranquility, compassion, and wisdom.

Buddhist Meditation
Edward Conze

This book explains the meaning and purpose of meditation. Its series of devotional exercises include instructions on maintaining mental and physical awareness during meditation, with advice on postures, breathing, repudiation of the sensory world, remembrance of mortality, disdain for corporal existence, attaining a trance state, and recollecting the goal: Nirvana. Written by a distinguished Western scholar, it offers informative and direct explanations of Buddhist wisdom.

Only a Great Rain: A Guide to Chinese Buddhist Meditation

Master Hsing Yun and Tom Graham

Be an Island and Only a Great Rain are among the most worthy of these. Khema's work is the last offering of an American-born Buddhist nun who died in 1997; her calm, soberly written treatise reviews the path to enlightenment as a form of the search for personal and inner peace. Yun provides valuable insight into the distinct practices and traditions of Chinese Buddhism, still little known in the West.

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