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Audio (CD)

Places That Scare You
Pema Chodron

We always have a choice, Pema Chödrön teaches: We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us and make us increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder. Pema’s previous works provided the inspiration and guidance to confront the problems and difficulties that life throws our way. Here she provides the specific tools to deal with them—to cultivate the awakened, compassionate ability to open our hearts and minds to our own suffering and that of others. This wisdom is always available to us, Pema teaches, but we usually block it with habitual patterns rooted in fear. Beyond that fear lies a state of openheartedness and tenderness. $21.86 (save 27%)

Bodhisattva Mind
Pema Chodron
What if you could cultivate the mind of a bodhisattva—one who has dedicated one’s life to the benefit of others? According to Pema Chödrön—best-selling author and American-born Buddhist nun—you can. On Bodhisattva Mind, she examines sheshin, or "guarding alertness," and the other qualities of mind we need to develop on the path to enlightenment. "We all have a consciousness that knows what helps and what causes harm," teaches Ani Pema. "With this same ability, we can ‘tame our minds,’ and extricate ourselves from suffering." A practicum of insights and meditations from this cherished teacher, Bodhisattva Mind shows us how to connect with the spacious, clear, unbiased nature of our minds, and experience the joy of complete freedom. $44.07 (save 37%)

Buddhism for Beginners
Jack Kornfield

ated specifically to address the questions and needs of first-time students,this full-length retreat on audio offers an ideal way to learn Buddhism’s essential principles and insights. Join this gifted speaker,as he guides you through:

• Buddhism’s cornerstone teachings,including the Four Noble Truths,the Eightfold Path to inner freedom,the meaning and varieties of karma,the Ten Perfections for opening the heart,the inner tools of samadhi and prajna (concentration and insight),the Four Great Immeasurables,the Buddha’s last great teaching,and many other topics

• The principles of meditation practice,covering such fundamentals as clarifying awareness and focusing your mind; overcoming distractions and other inner obstacles; using heart-centered practices to sprout the seeds of compassion and lovingkindness,and more

• Wisdom stories,poetry,teaching parables,and inspiring true accounts distilled from Buddhism’s many historical branches – plus,invaluable advice gleaned from Kornfield’s own years of experience as a student and a teacher

9 hours - $44.07 (save 37%)

Liberation Upon Hearing in the Between
Robert Thurman
Robert Thurman illuminates The Tibetan Book of the Dead with up-to-date insights for modern audiences. For centuries,this text has been read aloud to the dying—who Buddhist masters say are capable of hearing up to three days after clinical death—as a guide through the tumultuous and often terrifying process of dissolution. Now,in Liberation Upon Hearing in the Between,Professor Robert Thurman demystifies this esoteric teaching and reveals the Tibetan view of dying: it is not an ending to be feared,but a wondrous and liberating culmination of our life’s journey,potentially opening into glorious new beginnings. $21.86 (save 27%)

The Present Moment
Thich Nhat Hanh
Buddhism teaches that the present moment contains the seeds of all things,including liberation from samsara (the world of suffering). In this live audio retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh,you experience first-hand the traditional Buddhist practices designed totouch the energy of mindfulness you carry within and help you open to the joy that is always present and waiting to enter our lives.

As a humble Buddhist monk in 1966,Thich Nhat Hanh was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King,Jr. Since that time,he has developed a special way of teaching the dharma (essential Buddhist truths) in the West - a way that addresses the spiritual challenges unique to our day,while honoring all faiths. The seeds of internal and external peace are already inside you,he teaches. You need only learn to contact and nurture them. This is the path to transcending fear and anger; this is the path to a more peaceful world.

You will learn a treasury of detailed meditations to help you walk,breathe,communicate - even cope with traffic - more deeply and consciously. The Present Moment is a rare opportunity to learn ancient Buddhist practices directly from a living master of the tradition - practices that are life-changing today,just as they were thousands of years ago. Over seven hours of direct instruction from this living master of Buddhist meditation techniques.

7.5 hours,6 page study guide. $44.07 (save 37%)

Meditating with the Body
Reginald Ray

In Tibetan spiritual life,the practice of body-based meditation has been revered throughout its history as a vital tool for cultivating spiritual awareness and physical well-being. Today,in a world overabundant with stimuli,these “embodied” practices are more relevant and useful than ever. Meditating with the Body guides you into the rejuvenating experience of body-based meditation to help you:

  • “Digest” the stressful events and experiences of your day
  • Settle and calm your mind
  • Channel revitalizing energy throughout your body
  • Connect with the healing effects of the earth (viewed in Tibetan Buddhism as a living,enlightened being)
  • Uncover your body’s untapped powers of perception,intuition,and wisdom

Join Reggie Ray – senior teacher at the Shambhala Mountain Center – as he teaches you this complete series of six Tibetan-based meditations,including prana breathing,body awareness,abdominal breathing,earth-based meditation practice,and more.

5 hours - $34.95

Breath Sweeps Mind
Jakusho Kwong

Recorded live at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in California,Breath Sweeps Mind is a complete 12-session curriculum of Dharma talks you can revisit time and again. With over 40 years of traditional Zen practice,Jakusho Kwong exemplifies the presence of an authentic roshi (Zen teacher) – sometimes serious,sometimes playful,and always fully open to the experience at hand. Join him for a refreshing and easily accessible trans-mission of Zen practice to help you “turn your radiance inward,” and bring the gifts of wisdom,love,and compassion to yourself,your family and friends,and all of society.


  • Step-by-step guidance in the art of zazen,including natural unshu breathing
  • Engaging with emotions and physical pain
  • Why delusion is inseparable from enlightenment
  • The true meaning of emptiness
  • How to cultivate the “natural composure” of samadhi
  • Subject vs. Object: how to view the world in nondual terms
  • The root of all struggle – and how to transcend it
  • How fear leads to truth
  • Lessons in kin hin: “slow walking” practic
  • More than seven hours of Zen teachings,stories,and poetry

7.5 hours - cassettes - $41.96