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Dr. Alfred Bloom
An online course enables the reader to explore Shin Buddhism historically and in modern context.

From the course:

Introduction: Personal Observations and Perspectives

The Contemporary Age

Faith and Practice: Shinran's Perspective

The Expression of Faith, Joy, and Gratitude

Shin Buddhism in the Modern Ethical Context

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A 2-year computer-based correspondence course, allowing students to gain basic knowledge of Jodo Shinshu and Buddhism in general. Students download text materials, submit assignments and receive feedback from instructors. Students deepen their understanding through correspondence with instructors as well as benefit from reference materials such as video lectures, Dharma Talks and sutra chanting. Students also enjoy free discussion with other participants through the course chat room and messege board. In addition, there is an optional workshop every summer so that students may have the opportunity to communicate in person as well as through the internet.