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A Primer of Shin Buddhism
Journal of Shin Buddhism

Essential and Pure: Core Principles in Shin Buddhism
Jeff Wilson

What is Shin Buddhism?
Professor Takamaro Shigaraki

Shin Buddhism
Taitetsu and Mark Unno

The Buddha of Infinite Light and Life
An interview with Mark and Taitetsu Unno

The Collected Works of Shinran
White Lotus Center

What is Shin Buddhism
Dr. Nobuo Haneda

Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn Into Gold (excerpt)
Taitetsu Unno

Shin Sutras to Live By
Shin Dharma Net

Ordinary Struggles
An interview with Bishop Socho Koshin Ogui

Beyond Religion
An interview with Dr. Alfred Bloom

Amida's Dharma in the Modern World
John Paraskevopoulos

The Shin Buddhist Way
Rev. Jack Austin
Pure Land Notes

Jishin Kyoninshin – Sharing Our Faith with The World
Alfred Bloom

The Tannisho

The Tannisho
Dr. Taitetsu Unno (translation)
Reading the Tannisho is perhaps the most meaningful way for today's Shin Buddhists to touch the thought of Shinran Shonin.

The Foundation of Shinran's Faith: Supremacy of the Vow in the Tannisho
Dr. Alfred Bloom

The Tannisho
Dennis Hirota (translation)
White Lotus Center for Shin Buddhism

The Tannisho Today
Rev Tairyu Furukawa
Pure Land Notes