Buddhism and Art



"Symbolism Of Experience," a short discourse
Chogyam Trungpa

Extensive list/explanations of Buddhist symbols
A View On Buddhism

More symbol descriptions, pictures, and links
The Big View.com

Color symbolism in Buddhism Art


Extremely effective, concise, Tibetan Buddhist Iconography
Dharmapala Thangka Center, School of Thangka Painting

Evolution of the Buddha Image
India Art.com

Description of the Thangka painting process, it's history, and gallery
Lama Thangka Art Center


Early Tibetan Mandalas
The Rossi Collection: Paris

An extremely thorough look at Mandalas
Jytte Hansen, Albertslund, Denmark

A Buddhist tantric diagram from an architectural perspective

Sand Mandalas, construction process, history
Sand Mandala


Informational page
Spirit and Sky

stupas and pagodas, basic elements of construction and beyond

The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, symbolism of all stupas/history
Shambhala Mountain Center

Zen art

The Appreciation of Zen Art
John Stevens

Sengai's Zen paintings

Hakuin Ekaku's Zen paintings

The Face of Buddhism and Shintoism in Japanese Art

Reflections on Zenga
Stephen Addiss

Zen Buddhism And Its Relationship
to Elements of Eastern And Western Arts

Fredric Lieberman

The Art of Deiryu
Audrey Yoshiko Seo

Paintings by Japanese Zen Masters - 17th century to the present

The Art of Zen: Paintings and Calligraphy by Japanese Monks 1600-1925
Stephen Addiss

Web sites with extensive resources

Himalayan Art Resources
An online educational resource with over 25,000 images

The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia

Timeline of Tibetan Buddhist Art

Buddhist Art-Resources and Links

Tibetan Museum Society

Northwestern University, Buddhist art history, Modern painting practices

Himalayan Art Resources

Rubin Museum, ExploreArt

Buddhist archeological sites



Buddhist Symbols
Tatjana and Mirabai Blau

Buddhist Symbols in Tibetan Culture
An Investigation of the Nine Best-Known Groups of Symbols

Dagyab Rinpoche, Robert Thurman (foreword

The Stupa: Sacred Symbol of Enlightenment Elizabeth Cook, Yeshe De Project Editorial Team

Dharma Art Chogyam Trungpa

The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs by Robert Beer

Reading Buddhist Art: An Illustrated Guide to Buddhist Signs and Symbols by Meher McArthur


Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayan Tradition
The Stupa Fund

The Mandala Project
A non-for-profit promoting peace through art and education