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This course is based on excerpts from Zen Art for Meditation, by Stewart W. Holmes and Chimyo Horioka (Tuttle Publishing, 1978).

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Stewart W. Holmes made extensive forays — via general semantics and Zen — into the realm of nonverbal experience. As an officer of the Cambridge Buddhist Association, he was well acquainted with its former president, the eminent Zen scholar Daisetz Suzuki. Dr. Shinichi Hisamatsu, the founder of the Association, was his first Zen master. Among his other publications are Meaning in Language and The Inner Game of Life.

Chimyo Horioka, who was responsible for the nonverbal aspects of this course, was s Far Eastern Librarian in the Asiatic Department of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and author of many articles on Buddhist art. A priest of the Shingon sect and graduate of Koyasan University, he also studied philosophy at Hamburg and Koenigsberg universities. He was president of the Cambridge Buddhist Association.