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Religion has been the root and source of many, if not all of humanity’s civilizations. It is the heart that pumped life into the social structures, the architecture, art, and language of these societies. Even in our modern, scientific society, religion continues to be the answer and guide for many people to the mysteries we associate with life. Religion continues to help us answer perhaps the most important question we face in our own lives: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"

The process through which one comes to answer these questions in particular is, in Buddhism, often described as a path. The path to answering these questions is the path to becoming a Buddha, an Enlightened being. Buddhism begins with Enlightenment, the cessation of human suffering that is possible through wisdom. Because of this, Buddhism does not need to speak of on an omniscient or omnipotent creator. Instead, Buddhism talks about how wisdom can be shared for the mutual enlightenment of all beings. Wisdom, however, is not perceive as just a mental reality, but as something that needs to be experienced and shared. This sharing of wisdom is called compassion.