Pali Words in the Metta Sutta — Verses 6 -10

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Let no one deceive another
or despise anyone anywhere,
Or through anger or
irritation wish for another to suffer.


As a mother would risk her life to protect her child, her only child,
Even so should one cultivate a limitless heart with regard to all beings


With good will for the entire cosmos, cultivate a limitless heart:
Above, below, & all around, unobstructed, without emnity or hate.


Whether standing, walking, sitting, or lying down, as long as one is alert,
One should be resolved on this mindfulness.
This is called a sublime abiding here & now.


Not taken with views,
but virtuous & consummate in vision,
Having subdued desire for sensual pleasures,
One never again will lie in the womb.


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