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Incorporating the teachings of the Buddha into our lives nourishes what the Dalai Lama calls "our inner dimension" and encourages the practice of peace and generosity.

Ashoka offers guidance on the paths of listening and learning, discussion and reflection, wisdom and insight. Self-paced and mentor-led courses provide an opportunity to study with the finest teachers of our time Our courses are designed to encourage reflection, contemplation and application. [more]

Our courses

Ashoka courses offer a rich mixture of reading, listening (audio), viewing (video), contemplation, and meditation.Our courses guide and encourage you to reflect on and apply what you are learning. Topics range from basics of Buddhist thought and practices to in-depths studies of teachings and writings. [course catalog]

Our teachers
2004 Catalog

Bringing together our finest teachers from a broad rangee of traditions and lineages. Ashoka will be a single gate to a rich mandala of teachers and teachings.

We're working with our teachers to create courses designed for Web delivery on Ashoka. [more]

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